Question psychédélique

Je me pose des questions bizarres, parfois:

« Hello,

I’ve been wondering for some time if there’s any research being done on the effects of psychedelics on other organs that the brain?
All the studies/publications I found so far are all about the effects of such and such PDL on neurons and neurotransmitters and never on the immune or endocrine systems. Yet physiology shows that those three systems function closely together, that they are interconnected. And our nervous system is not limited to our head, it goes down all the way to our gut (enteric nervous system)!

PDLs modify perception and consciousness and since it’s thought that perception/consciousness is brain based, we focus on the brain but could that be a bit of a cultural bias? Couldn’t perception/consciousness be body based?!

I also wonder if mushrooms or salvia or aya, etc… components have been studied a bit? Plants from the lamiaceae family (mint, marjoram, thyme…) tend to have medicinal properties, couldn’t salvia have its own medicinal (non pdl only) properties as well? Same for mushrooms: some non-PDL mushrooms such as reishi or maitake are known to have powerful properties (adaptogens, immuno-modulating, etc…). Couldn’t PDL mushrooms have effects on the immune and endocrine system, as well as effects on neurons?!

Is there a book or something where I could get some answers?!


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